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Learn How Hackers Attack and How To Avoid Them Starting at $9.99/YEAR/user

Meet your Security Awareness compliance requirements while increasing your employee satisfaction and security knowledge over other training products.

Leverage our game-based Security Awareness Module to improve your employees' security awareness, and understand hacker mindsets and behaviors to enhance your business' resilience.

Instill crucial cybersecurity fundamentals, including multi-factor authentication, by exposing them to the hacker's perspective, making the concepts unforgettable.

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Haiku Security Awareness Module now starting at ONLY

Provide training your employees actually enjoy in a game-based format
Meets all standard compliance requirements
Increase your cybersecurity resiliency with better employee awareness of threats
One Month of Training Access to allow maximum employee engagement
Provide awareness as to how hackers gain access to accounts
Track all employee progress in admin portal to measure compliance and areas for improvement
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Security Awareness


Training That Employees Enjoy! - Buy Now!

Designed for all employees. Meets all standard Security Awareness Training requirements.

Increase your organization's baseline security posture by training employees on password use best practices in an engaging and fun way. 

Training employees on password best practices benefits companies by enhancing overall security through the promotion of strong, unique passwords and reducing susceptibility to cyber threats. 

Password Best Practices
Avoid Phishing Attacks
Learn How Hackers Think
Recognize Fake Websites

Prevent Wire Fraud

Designed Specifically for Employees with Financial Access

Available Dec 2023

Training employees to spot and prevent business email compromise (BEC) offers companies numerous benefits, including risk mitigation, financial protection, and enhanced data security. Such training increases cybersecurity awareness, empowers employees to recognize phishing attempts, and improves incident response capabilities. Ultimately, investing in BEC training contributes to a more resilient organization, protecting against financial losses, reputational damage, and potential regulatory penalties.

Prevent Common Wire Fraud Scams
Avoid Scams Targeted to Your Financial Staff

Training Employees to Understand and Comply with New SEC Rules

Designed for IT Staff, Financial, and Legal 

Available Dec 2023

Companies can gain several benefits by training their employees on the SEC 4-day notification requirement for reporting cyber incidents. These benefits include: improved compliance with SEC regulations, faster incident response, enhanced cybersecurity posture, and reduced legal liability. 

Trains the Most Critical Staff in SEC Reporting Requirements
Helps to Prevent Civil and Criminal Liability for the CISO and C-Suite
Developed from Proven Tabletop Exercises with Fortune 500 Companies

Mobile App Based Upon Popular Game to Increase Engagement

Designed for All Employees - Interactive and Social to Promote Engagement and Learning

Available Feb 2024

Training employees to recognize social engineering benefits companies by improving overall security awareness, reducing the risk of falling victim to phishing attacks, and mitigating cybersecurity risks associated with unauthorized access and data breaches. This proactive stance not only protects sensitive information and financial assets but also preserves the company's reputation and ensures compliance with regulatory standards. Additionally, ongoing training fosters adaptability to evolving threats, contributing to a culture of collective responsibility for cybersecurity within the organization.

Available Anytime Via Secure Mobile App
Multi-Player for Maximum Employee Engagement
Train Employees on How Hackers Work
Employees Change Roles to Understand the Vulnerable Roles

Train Healthcare Employees How to Comply With HIPPA

Designed Specifically for Employees who Access HIPPA-Regulated Information

Available Q1 2024

HIPAA training for employees in healthcare companies ensures legal compliance, safeguarding patient data and preventing privacy violations. This education not only mitigates security risks and streamlines operations but also fosters a culture of accountability, trust, and continual improvement. Ultimately, adherence to HIPAA regulations contributes to cost savings, reputational management, and enhanced patient data protection within the organization.

Specifically Tailored to Employees who Handle HIPPA Information
Prevent HIPPA Violations With Better Employee Training

Ensure That Your Employees Understand and Comply with FERPA Regulations


Designed Specifically for Employees in Educational Institutions

Available Q1 2024

FERPA training for employees ensures legal compliance, safeguarding student records and preventing privacy violations in educational institutions. This education not only mitigates security risks and streamlines operations but also fosters a culture of accountability, trust, and continual improvement. Adherence to FERPA regulations contributes to cost savings, reputational management, and enhanced protection of student data within the organization.

Ensure Compliance with FERPA
Train Employees to Understand Their Responsibilities with FERPA

Ensure Your Online Platform for Children is Compliant

Designed for Employees of Online Websites or Platforms that Deal with Children Under 13 Years of Age

Available Q1 2024

COPPA training for employees ensures legal compliance, safeguarding children's personal data and preventing privacy violations in companies dealing with online platforms for minors. This education not only mitigates security risks and streamlines operations but also fosters a culture of accountability, trust, and continual improvement in handling children's information. Adherence to COPPA regulations contributes to cost savings, reputational management, and enhanced protection of children's privacy within the organization.

Ensure Compliance with COPPA Regulations
"With over a decade in the cybersecurity field, I've found Haiku to be an invaluable and innovative tool for both professionals and beginners in cybersecurity.

Its vivid graphics make learning engaging, and its pricing is unmatched.

The potential of Haiku to revolutionize cybersecurity understanding is immense."
– Ethan C.
Anthony Grower

Marketing Specialist

"After two decades in the Navy, I've always been intrigued by the world of cybersecurity.

Discovering Haiku was a game-changer; it provided a fresh, engaging way to hone practical skills that other platforms couldn't offer. The game experience, with its diverse tasks and captivating backstories, help players level up their skills quickly.

Overall, I rate Haiku's training at 4.7/5 and would be truly disappointed without it."
– Larry S.
Anthony Grower

Marketing Specialist

"As a Dev Ops Engineer with an extensive background in intel applications warfare, I ventured into cybersecurity after reaching my salary cap in physical security.

I was drawn to Haiku by its hands-on approach which makes learning accessible. Haiku delivers significant value, particularly for high school and college demographics.

It would be a complete disappointment if Haiku were to vanish, as its unique learning approach is irreplaceable. Game-wise, the real-time workings of tools are exhilarating."
– Kody L
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Anthony Grower

Marketing Specialist

"As a visual arts teacher transitioning from medical to cybersecurity, my passion lies in intertwining arts with IT.

Haiku stood out with its unique story-driven educational approach, particularly beneficial for reinforcing Linux commands and learning real-world cybersecurity applications. While other platforms either felt too complex or too simplistic, Haiku's immersive and scaffolded approach made learning engaging.

Haiku remains my top pick for learning Linux and cybersecurity in an entertaining manner."
– Grace C
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Anthony Grower

Marketing Specialist

"Cyber Center of Excellence (CCOE) selected the Haiku Pro cybersecurity training tool for the San Diego Regional Cyber Lab because of its customizability and real-world cybersecurity simulations.

Haiku Pro is designed by hackers, for hackers and is the cybersecurity equivalent of a flight simulator where users of all levels can develop real-world skills in a gamified virtual environment."
– Lisa Easterly | CEO, San Diego Cyber Center of Excellence
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Anthony Grower

Marketing Specialist