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Level Up in Cyber

5 out of 30

College Students

5 out of 300 college students switched
to a cybersecurity major after playing Haiku


Skills Increase

24% average increase in cybersecurity skills after 70 minutes of game immersion

3.5 Million

Global Jobs

There will be 3.5 million global unfilled cyber jobs in 2025, 3M+ of which are English speaking.


Why Haiku?

We built Haiku based upon the principle that skills can be better internalized into long term memory by using the ways in which games teach us. We are teamed with Carnegie Mellon University’s Human-Computer Interaction Institute to help integrate learning engineering into Haiku.

Level Up Your

Cybersecurity Skills

Practice Makes Professional

Unlock the world of authentic offensive, defensive, and forensic cybersecurity through immersive practice and hands-on experience. Unleash your potential and delve into a world of endless possibilities.

CVE/ Exploit Discovery
Linux Commands
Web Application Enumeration
Analyze Network Traffic with Wireshark

Showcase Your Expertise

Immerse yourself in the thrilling world of Haiku Pro ranges. With each level conquered, you will effortlessly acquire the expertise required to conquer coveted cybersecurity certifications. By honing your skills through this interactive platform, you will gain the knowledge and proficiency necessary to safeguard critical data and thwart cyber threats. 

Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)
Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP)

We Update It For You


With the Haiku Skillz Resume Generator, your resume gets updated as you play and expand your skillset. 

Done For You

Connect to Cybersecurity Jobs

Achieve the next level in your career. Haiku Pro Job Connect will connect you with actual job opportunities that perfectly align with the skills you have mastered through gaming.

Take Advantage of

Both Our Products

Game-Based Skills Training


Experience the groundbreaking Haiku game, your gateway to mastering real-world cybersecurity skills. Learning path within the game are precisely tailored to NICE Workforce Roles and certifications, accelerating the way to your dream cybersecurity career.

Haiku Pro Long LP-1
Haiku Pro logo icon
Simulate Real World Experiences

Haiku Pro

In addition to Haiku, Haiku Pro dives you into an immersive 'open world' of cloud-based networks, offering trainees a dynamic platform to hone their skills on authentic computer networks while demonstrating mastery of skills needed to meet certification requirements and NICE Workforce Role competencies.  

What is Included?

Haiku Product Bundle

Checkout Our

Success Stories

“I have learned more about cybersecurity playing The World of Haiku than reading books. Largely, due to the hands-on experience that is developed with the ability to repeat key concepts, such as system and network navigation in the Dojo feature inside three different levels.”
Anton Thomas

Posted on LinkedIn

“Just discovered World of Haiku, and it’s 1000% better than any Linux lab I’ve had before.”

Posted on Twitter

“You guys are awesome! I’ve been telling all of my friends about The World of Haiku. I love everything about it.”
Nicholas C. Flood
“Amazing learning experience for any level of Cyber-Security Geek (Even complete Beginners). This game is very intuitive and very fun way to learn about CyberSec.”
User Review

Posted on Steam

“Cyber Center of Excellence (CCOE) selected the Haiku Pro cybersecurity training tool for the San Diego Regional Cyber Lab because of its customizability and real-world cybersecurity simulations. Haiku Pro is designed by hackers, for hackers and is the cybersecurity equivalent of a flight simulator where users of all levels can develop real-world skills in a gamified virtual environment.”
Lisa Easterly

CEO, San Diego Cyber Center of Excellence

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Get the most out of Haiku with our latest Haiku and Haiku Pro Product Bundle!
Haiku Pro
Gamified Learning
Unlimited Range Access
Learning Pathways
Personalized Skills Matrix
Badges and Awards to Share
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Get the most out of Haiku with our latest Haiku and Haiku Pro Product Bundle!
Haiku Pro
Gamified Learning
Unlimited Range Access
Learning Pathways
Personalized Skills Matrix
Badges and Awards to Share

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